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Midnight Rose| Amouroud 100ml

A magnificent complex fragrance that transforms from the early morning scent of fresh dew on rose petals to a warm, dark night aroma enhanced by oud, labdanum and amber.
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Perfumer Patricia Choux created a potent elixir that pays tribute to the most famous of all flowers used in perfumery. Midnight Rose is a fragrance that expresses textures, highlighting an oriental mysteriousness depicted in layers of pink, magenta, ruby red, purple and plum. It begins with gentle early morning roses sprinkled with fresh dew surrounded by lychee berries and groves of pomelo growing nearby. The middle notes of lily and pure red rose begin to add the calming sensuality. This complex perfume takes on the rich texture of a rare antique tapestry - threads of dark hued Oud anchor the composition, making a veil that gracefully moves it towards the final notes of labdanum and amber. Thus, these early morning roses have been transformed into a glorious night garden with a scent that lingers well past midnight.

Top: Lychee, Pomelo, Mate

Middle: Lily, Red Rose, Iris

Base: Amber, Labdanum, Oud

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