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West Village Location, Reduced Hours: 12pm-6pm


Deborah wanted to bring a luxurious and stress-free shopping experience to those whose perfume buying encounters had been contained to department stores, sometimes staffed with less than knowledgeable staff and a hurried hard-sell experience.

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While there’s no shortage of department stores stocking luxury perfumes, artisanal fragrances can be hard to find.

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Dallas Observer, Best of Dallas Winner: Best Fragrance Shop should extract yourself from the iron clutches of the monstrous corporate fashion houses that rule our souls and enter instead the warm embrace of the niche fragrance world. No place is more suitable for the acquisition of such fragrances than The Scent Room. 

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I’ve been interested in scent my entire life. I can recall building a collection back in the 80s and how it was so dependent on my emotions. Sometimes, my perfume reflected my mood, and other times, it would set my mood. - Deborah Turner for Voyage Magazine.

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Best of Big D Winner: Best Fragrance Shop

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The Scent Room carries more than 30 independent, hard to find niche perfumes lines and more than 300 fragrances.

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