Tel Aviv


In this coastal city sun bounces off water and into golden streams of bright bright colors. Clementine and bergamot illustrate this brilliance while black currant buds etch out the shadows of citric sunlight. Solar energy makes gold jewelry shimmer on tanned skin. There is a lingering sense of 1970's glamour here. In Tel Aviv life is sexy, it's a party! It's walking on the beach and feeling relaxed. Jasmine Sambac belies the nude sensualism of this place. Ylang-ylang and freesia quicken the pulse while rose oil grounds us. After getting comfortable on the beach, it's time to head into the big city with the noise, people, and pulsing intensity. Heat, sweat, smoke, and flowers on the balconies overhead combine into the bewitching urbane organism that is this city.

Top Notes: Clementine, Bergamot, Blackcurrant Bud

Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Comoros’ Ylang Ylang, Rose Oil, Freesia

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musks, Deer’s Tongue (Liatrix) Absolute, Benzoin


Tip: Gallivant is a cruelty-free, vegan brand. Deer's Tongue is a plant that grows in the southeastern United States. It's dried leaves have a delightful fragrance, often compared to vanilla.