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Purple Fig | Vilhelm Parfumerie

What would you request for your last meal on earth? For doomed doctor of the Danish Court, Johann Friedrich Struensee, it was Champagne and his favorite fruit, figs served to him as the evening sky turned purple...
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Joy and tears, sorrow and laughter, a bitter sweet cocktail that lives on in Purple Fig by Vilhelm Parfumerie. This thorny, fresh green take on fig is bittersweet enough to match the tragic story of being served your last meal at dusk. Just about every green note you can imagine goes into this scent with the ironic name "Purple" Fig. Angelica seeds, Galbanum, Jasmine, Vetiver - even the fig they use is green, Lol!

Top: Sichuan Pepper, Angelica Seeds

Heart: Galbanum, Green Fig, Jasmine Absolue

Base: Vetiver, Cashmere Woods

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