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Niche Perfume

  • What is niche perfume?

    Niche perfumes are high quality, hard to find fragrances, usually from much smaller, quality-driven perfume houses. With smaller batches, these houses are focused on making scents the right way.

  • Why the price tag?

    The niche perfume industry is comprised of many small perfume houses. Due to these smaller operations, perfume is made in much smaller batches than department store fragrances, meaning more attention-to-detail and higher overall quality, inside and out. On top of that, Niche perfumers generally use higher quality oils to create their fragrances, along with using much higher concentrations, meaning you get a longer-lasting, better-smelling perfume. Nonetheless, we have strived to include scents at all different price points, and sizes, to cater to any and all fragrance lovers.

  • Do you make your own scents?

    We curate and bring together incredible niche fragrances from perfume houses all over the world. We do not currently make our own scents, but stay tuned for updates, as it is certainly a possibility in the future.

  • Can I try a perfume before I buy it?

    Yes! On each perfume's page, there is a dropdown menu. Please select the sample size of whichever scent (or scents) you are interested in sampling and just add it (or them) to your cart! We have no limit in the amount of samples you may purchase.

  • I own a brand or line of perfume. Can you carry my scents in your shop?

    We are always looking to expand our inventory and introduce indie brands to our community of scent lovers. If you feel like you might be a good fit for our store, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!


  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes! We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $100USD.