Every Storm A Serenade


Danish Spruce casts a glimmering veil of dark complexity across "Every Storm A Serenade" like the colorful translucence of the ocean's surface. On shore, eucalyptus has never smelled so bittersweet; an aromatic evergreen that's as profoundly meditative as it is joyously enlivening. A quieter breeze of vetiver sweeps through all these deep blue-green shades and lightens this moody palate with a touch of grassy spice. Calone, as musky as it is succulent and aqueous, adds a soft crunch reminiscent of melon. Ambergris is salty and rich, a treasure of the deep washed ashore. Baltic Sea mist is a final touch of dew that seals in and magnifies all the pulsing intensity.

Top Notes: Salt, Danish Spruce, Eucalyptus
Heart Notes: Vetiver, Calone
Base Notes: Ambergris, Salt Water