O' Unknown


As burning ash, drifting autumn leaves, and the imagined scent of unscented flowers transfixes and captures our hearts, so too does O, Unknown. An ethereal, hard to place wonder; this scent evades and invites definition. Black tea is a ghost-like apparition at the outset, a tannic floral fog that rolls in to shield the more solid forthcoming elements in this scent from easy identification. Beneath the black tea's steamy veil, a tincture of lapsang souchong (milky, undiluted smoke) swirls like a fiery hurricane from heaven. Still, the stormy energy never spills over its teacup, which is understandable when we learn that the substance holding this whole composition together is, in large part, the sturdy orris butter. A compact, powdery essence, something about this root smells like leather. A smoldering, downy green and tendrilled Kyoto moss springs out from the cracks. While musk balsam, simultaneously sweet and salt, signifies balance. Sandalwood zaps through the base of this scent to reveal the inimitable ??? A tantalizing, unsolved mystery.

Top Notes: Black Tea, Paper
Heart Notes: Orris Butter, Lapsang
Base Notes: Kyoto Moss, Sandalwood, Musk Balsam