Sea Foam


As a concentrated extrait, Sea Foam is rich in natural oils, essences and absolutes that call to mind the various facets of the seaside: the salt, the fresh air, the seaweed, the green smell of grasses up on the dunes. First the scent opens with a volley of refreshing, crisp bergamot, that smells both of lemon and green leaves. It is combined with peppery, herbal tones of bay leaf. As the sharp brightness of citrus and herbs breaks down, it reveals a beautiful seaweed note, moist with clean sea water and rich minerals. Lay back and feel the warm sand, sense the vetiver drifting into the composition. Doesn't it bring to mind the grassy, green smell of reeds that grow in the dunes? Driftwood notes bring a touch of smoke from bleached woods being burnt in a distant bonfire. With your eyes still closed, notes of milky fig and sandalwood make you lazily think of cream being gently rubbed into your skin. Ah, what memories...

Top Notes: Bergamot, Marine Notes, Laurel
Heart Notes: Guaiac Wood, Seaweed Absolute, Fig Leaf
Base Notes: Driftwood, Sea Salt, Sandalwood