Golden Dallah


Talk about a shape-shifting chameleon! We didn't know what we were in for when we first applied Golden Dallah. First we were met with a fresh burst of exotic spices; it's hard to place exactly which spices because they are so expertly blended in all the right proportions. This lasts for a good 20-30 minutes before a very unique transitions occurs. The heart of fresh roasted coffee, rose absolute and dark, mysterious Cambodian Oud starts to come out of hiding. This phase of the scent lasts for quite a few hours, then it morphs again to a slightly sweeter amber cocoa and tonka bean base that has been lurking in the background waiting for its turn to shine. This fragrance keeps you guessing what is going to pop out next. It is a fun roller coaster ride that lasts through the day.

Top Notes: Fresh Exotic Spices

Heart Notes: Coffee, Rose Absolute, Incense, Cambodian Oud

Base Notes: Cocoa, Tonka Bean