Yesterday Haze


As we all know by now, fragrance can transport and trigger our imagination - Yesterday Haze sings of timelessness in a bottle. Perfumer Josh Meyer brilliantly and uniquely unites fig and iris notes to create a near perfect accord in this woody floral magical fragrance. The scent of fig is sappy, gently green, fresh and milky. The perfume's opening is reminiscent of the ripe fruit, with the addition of creamy sweetness that comes from tonic, enhancing the fig and giving the composition bold dimension. The iris is dry, hay-like and powdery. Uniting the fig and iris brings us to the scent of the fig leaf, and this is where the scent takes flight. Suddenly a lovely nutty and woody complexity rushes in. This is a dreamy fragrance that lives beautifully from start to finish on the skin.

Top Notes: Fig, Iris
Heart Notes: Whipped Cream, Tree Bark, Wood Notes
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Walnut Bitters, Dried Fruits